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Amazon Parrots, Blue fronts, Yellow Napes, Double Yellow Head, White fronts, Yellow Crown

     Amazon parrots are usually bulky looking birds with short square tails. The Amazon parrots are basically green varying from darkest shades in some species to an almost yellowish green in others. They have red, yellow, blue and white feathers around the head, face, in the wings and tail which is used to identify them with a common name..

     The most familiar Amazon parrots kept as pet birds are the Blue Fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva), theYellow Crowned (Amazona ochrocephala)  the Yellow-naped (Amazona o. auropalliata), Red-lored or Yellow Cheeked Amazon (Amazona a. autumnalis ), Spectacled Amazon (Amazona albifrons) and the Double Yellow-headed Amazon (Amazona o. oratrix)

     Amazon parrots are best known for their ability to mimic the human voice. These parrots have long life expectancies. Baby Amazon parrots must be socialized by their human companion in order to develop positive behavior and personality. The Amazon parrot's human family becomes its immediate social group so care must be taken to allow the Amazon parrot to adapt to its human settings.

     Amazon parrots must receive regular maintenance of its cage and be given a proper diet. They also should be given a regular program of human interaction and play. However, training your baby Amazon parrot is the key to keeping your parrot tame and friendly. It should be trained in the basics -

  • Stepping on and off a perch or hand
  • Staying on an open perch stand for extended periods of time
  • Leaving and returning to the cage using perch, hand or arm
  • Accepting food rewards and liquid refreshment from the trainer



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