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     Your parrot's cage should offer enough space for the bird to perch comfortably and spread its wings. Parrots are highly intelligent and love challenges and activity toys. They also love to dump their food or water bowls. We sell high quality stainless steel cups which attach to the cage. Some models have bowls that screw on so the parrot cannot remove them easly. Stainless steel cups are easy to clean and will not chip or break like ceramic bowls. Plastic cups are chipped and broken by the parrots and cause a health hazard if the parrot swallows pieces.

     Perches come in many sizes, colors, and textures. Your birds should be given two to three different sizes of perches. This allows the bird to vary its grip on the perch which will keep the bird from getting worn spots or sores on the bottom of its feet.  While perching be sure the bird's toenails do not wrap around the perch. If they do, then the perch is too small.  The use of at least one textured perch will help keep the bird's toenails filed down. Parrots and softbills also swipe their beaks back and forth across their perch to dislodge food from their beaks.So keep extra perches on hand to switch them out often so the dirty ones can be cleaned and sterlized. Currently we offer the ceramic Pedi-perches and replacement perches for the Vision bird cages.


     Providing your parrots with toys will entertain the bird while you are away from home or doing other chores in the house.  There are hundreds of styles of toys for birds.  Be sure to purchase toys that are appropriate for the size and type of bird you have.  Parrots can quickly dismantle the smaller wooden toys wihch are designed for parakeets, cockatiels and small conures.  Cockatoos and Macaws need some sturdy toys.  Toys with wood parts provide hours of fun for your parrot while it chews pieces from the wood making a collection of wood splinters on the bottom of the cage. Toys made from rope need to be inspected often as the parrot's sharp beak can slice through the strands of rope.  Birds can get tangled up in the strings causing injuries and even death.  Be sure to check toys to insure they do not contain harmful lead pieces such as bells.   Lead poisoning is among the leading cause of death in pet birds.  


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