Martin's Aviaries & Rehab Center

Babies and Breeders - African Greys, Amazons, Caiques, Cockatoos, Conures, Macaws, Hornbills
Baby or Adult Birds For Sale

The availability of birds, especially babies, will vary throughout the year due to the breeding season for different species. The majority of the chicks start hatching in March/April on through September/October.

If you are interested in purchasing hand-feeding baby parrots, you must send us a statement about your qualifications to properly care for the chicks.  

  • If you are a retailer or broker, we require a copy of your occupational license and resale tax certificate prior to you receiving our wholesale price list.
  • All buyers within the state of Florida, must provide us a with a copy of their Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission permit.

  • Florida consumers purchasing birds will be taxed a 7% sales tax on the total of their purchase, unless they send us a copy of their current resale tax certificate.
Birds being shipped outside of the pickup area, will be sent via Delta Airlines when available or by a carrier of buyer's choice when Delta service is not available. The buyer is responsible for kennel costs and shipping charges.

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